OFM X5 Space-Saving Sliding Storage System (5-Rack Kits With Tracks) X5S

OFM X5 Space-Saving Sliding Storage System (5-Rack Kits With Tracks) X5S

OFM INC | Mfg Part # X5S | Item Number OFM-X5S
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See additional information on the OFM X5 Space-Saving Sliding Storage System (5-Rack Kits With Tracks) X5S below.

OFM's patented X5 Space-Saving Sliding Storage System allows for a 40-70% gain in overall storage capacity by eliminating wasted space between shelves. Shelves slide effortlessly on a steel track system, turning normal aisle space into additional storage space and allowing you to easily customize, expand and reconfigure your room.

Each X5 system includes a set number of shelf units, one 4-piece set of SFRT100 End Tracks and one or more sets of SMT100 or SMT50 Middle Tracks. X5 systems are available in 3 pre-packaged configurations: "X5S" 5-unit kits (with tracking), "X5L Lite" 3, 4,5 or 6-unit systems (with tracking) and  "X5R" individual 4-shelf units (without tracking).

One X5S storage system includes:

  • Twenty upright, steel posts, creating five 4-shelf storage units.
  • Twenty wire shelves (available in 8 different sizes).
  • Five roller-assembly sets.
  • Sufficient track length for all 5 units.

It also features:

  • Chrome-plated wire shelves, made of 2, 5 and 7-gauge steel.
  • 19-gauge steel upright poles.
  • All necessary mounting clips for attaching shelves to upright poles.
  • 800 lb weight capacity per shelf, if evenly distributed. (For lighter objects, use the X5L "Lite" system.)
  • Ball-bearing rollers for effortless motion.
  • An entirely modular design (tracks are not bolted to the floor).
  • One "step on/step off" safety brake with each roller assembly, allowing the user to lock units in place while loading and retrieving contents.
  • An open wire design allowing sprinkler system penetration while maximizing visibiliy and airflow to your stored components.
  • Easy retrieval of contents from both sides of the shelf.
  • Safe and simple assembly, with no tools required.

A large range of storage accessories, including add-on shelves, shelf liners, bumpers, dividers and anti-slide side plates, is available from the "Related Products" section below. If you need help determining which units to order, call our Sales line at 1-800-807-1477.

Not recommended for use on carpeted flooring.

Weight: Individual Unit Dimensions:
350 lbs 72"H x 36"W x 18"D
400 lbs 72"H x 48"W x 18"D
525 lbs 72"H x 60"W x 18"D
521 lbs 72"H x 72"W x 18"D
440 lbs 72"H x 36"W x 24"D
535 lbs 72"H x 48"W x 24"D
635 lbs 72"H x 60"W x 24"D
715 lbs 72"H x 72"W x 24"D

Additional Dimensions:

  • SFRT100 End Tracks: 39.33" L (for a total of 78.66")
  • SMT100 Middle Tracks: 39.33" L
  • SMT50 Middle Tracks: 29.66"L

***Use the Track Length Worksheet under "Additional Information" to determine the total length and overall dimensions of your chosen X5system. 

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Condition: new
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Item Number OFM-X5S
Manufacturer OFM INC
Mfg Part # X5S

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